Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The Rich are evil

The upper class elite have ruled for thousands of years and still do, enslaving the majority of people the right to enslave others comes from ownership of assets and wealth.. in the past slavery was something that was obvious a rich person would actually own a poor person making them do what the rich person wants. However today it is not as simply as this! The rich instead of owning you as a person own everything else apart from you which in essence means the rich own everything you need to survive and live and the only way you can live is if you to do what the rich want.

The rich are rich because they come from a rich family and has meant the rich can live a life of luxury effortless and a lazy existence from their assets and wealth that has been past on to them through out generation's. But obviously the rich have to be in control over the economy and business to secure their wealth and thanks to their links with other rich people they are able to do this.

With government links plutocracy is created. The government only represents the elite as they are the elite themselves.


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