Monday, 29 July 2013

Plutocracy overseas

Trans national plutocrats. Recently after visiting the UK I heard on the news when i was their.. the bbc news with no adverts which was quite cool and how tv should be) that some trans national cooperation where avoiding paying cooperation tax on the basis that they did seal the deals in the uk. I think that this is remarkably bad.. and just shows how these big company's control the government as they can find loop holes with their vast money to do what they like and still be on the right side of the law.. the government is powerless... even though what these transnational company's have been doing is obviously wrong the politicians just cannot do anything about.. What do you think is this plutocracy?

In my opinion this is plutocracy not by those who are in our countries but from foreign company's now which is even worse!

If i was in the UK's GOVERNMENT I WOULD SIMPLY BAN THESE cooperation's from doing business in the UK WHO CARES HOW BIG THEY ARE!


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