Monday, 19 August 2013

Dont polticians have opinions?

What is wrong with politicians nowadays to me they seem to be like robots without feeling. Yes they have to come across as leaders but a good leader shouldn't be one that is too scared to express opinion on the basis that it may offend a few people and loose votes. That is the problem nowadays and what fuels conspiracy's as we just dont believe politicians have moral's or opinions as politically correctness stop them! We do not want a leader who is to up tight about being PC that they cannot speak out! A great leader leads the people and is not too liberal and afraid to speak out for the people because they are to afraid of causing offense! But there should be a fine line between expressing the opinion of the people and only expressing that of the upper class elite <<<I think also that the politicians opinions are so disjointed and a far cry away from the majority of peoples views that speaking out their own real political views would alienate them from the majority of people too!


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