Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The lawless internet

The internet is pretty lawless you gotta admit whatever political ideology you support. The internet makes up its own rules or rather who ever has the most control other the internet an make up the laws on the internet. At the moment it is google who are making the rules. If you dont know already then let me tell you how if google doesn't even like a few links pointing to other websites because you could be being paid for those links you will be more or less banished from the internet and your website (business) never seen by another internet user again.... Or if Google doesn't like the links pointing to your website because google deems them as spam or unnatural say goodbye to your website traffic as well.. even though you have no real control on who or what links to your website. And people are using this to their advantage using negative seo tactics to knock off their competitors from the search results and tkaing their places with negative seo.. Negative seo is quite simple to do all you gotta do is leave a seo program running building thousands of spam baclinks to your competitor automatically on blogs and website that auto accept blog comments or posts without any spam protection. I DONT NOT WANT NYONE TO GET ANY IDEAS ABOUT DOING THIS AS IT IS UNETHICAL AND AGAINST THE WHOLE POINT I AM TRYING TO MAKE ON THIS ARTICLE. Back to my point if someone is able to destroy someone else business online by doing this then something is seriously wrong and the government must do something about it. If you go on any wbmasters forums you will hear stories of how this is happening and wrecking peoples livelihoods... google doesn't care because it means more people giving away their profits to them to get on the search engines through adsense. The internet is also lawless with so many pirated downloads floating around.. I actually think that the government has given up on that fight as its been something that has been around almost since the internet began yet still nothing has been done.


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