Friday, 30 August 2013

bribes and political corruption

Politics has a profound impact on our lives and knowing more about politics locally and nationally helps you to better understand the good guys from the bad.. that's why I study politics. But sometimes it feels that hope is lost as all political parties seem to merge into one corrupt ideology fueled by money and greed.
Politics is a game of money not beliefs anymore, bribes and corruption help promote a political party... but the politicians who are being bribed wont be caught because after all politicians are cunning individuals and will find all the ways in the law to avoid prosecution after all they write the law.
It is not just me that thinks that there is a problem in our democratic system a vast majority of other Americans also think their is a ever increasing problem of corruption in our government and the power of the vote has been diminished by the power of money.

Bribes do not have to be the good old fashioned cash in hand types of bribes but can come in many different forms like party donations to help fund the political partyies campaign costs... Would a political party really thwart plans that their biggest sponsor is wanting to do?

Even just favors which can be anything from a job when they leave poetics to other lucrative favors could be considered as bribes.


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