Sunday, 10 November 2013

SEO a guide to help out a small buisness

Online eCommerce is on the up... but the number of small business going under is going up as well.... what are they doing wrong? Nothing. The big internet giant search engines are just trying to squeeze as much ad money out of them as they can, making it harder and harder to rank on search engines small businesses have to then move to buying ads just to be seen on the internet. which destroys all of their profits forcing them to go under.... but at the same time big eCommerce websites like amazon and ebay thrive... and they rank just fine on the search engines!

Small business are suffering more and more on the internet and our politicians are not doing a thing to help ease the situation and stop big websites dominating the online world. More and more people are using the internet to do shopping yet our politicians fail or want to ignore the fact that only big huge websites succeed on the internet. Google is on a mission to destroy and monopolize the internet yet politician do nothing a let them stamp on small businesses forcing them to buy ads with them otherwise never get customers. Here is what seo is all about and what you need to do to survive... (if the politicians arent going to do anything it)
If you make a website whether it is a health website or a eCommerce website what is the purpose of your website and all that time you second on making it if nobody get to see you hard work? That is where seo come in! SEO (with which stands for search engine optimization) is the process of making a site rank higher for targeted keyword. Keywords that you will target will be ones that everyone will search for. Knowing about seo in a lot of detail is needed otherwise you risk getting penalized by the search engines if you do it wrong... some websites that dont even know a thing about seo may accidentally get there website penalized by search engines. Search engines want just the very best search results to to get this they have a few measures to understand the quality of a website. for example a website maybe deemed spammy if the website has content that is un-unqiue, gibberish, poorly written or uses hidden css or black hat methods added to it to trick the search engines into ranking the site higher than it should be. Search engines though use links as the main way of determining whether a site should rank high or low in the search engine.. more good quality links will mean that you stand a better chance of being high up in the serps because other websites have voted your website as being good quality and worth linking to (links =votes). However some black hat spammers will use tools and software to build huge amounts of spammy links with no editorial merit associated to them ie in blog comments... when this is the case search engine use algos such as the google penguin algo to detect unnatural links and penalize website that are found doing this. I have a problem though with google and other search engines for example google will use the excuse that a website is breaking google webmasters terms and condition as if to say that a website has signed a formal agreement with google and now google has the right to almost punish (automatically wich is kind of ironic that google trys to stop automation but all of gogole is automated!) websites if they deems them to break gogoles guidelines... which kinda of is a bit like google is a dominate monopoly and what ever google wants or doesn't want on your website you must abide by their rules or else! SEO is quite hard.. inf act very very hard and if you do not fully understand all of the guidelines.. rules and good practices of seo you will just be wasting your time and never ever getting real (non bots) to visit your website.... (You are also up against huge website like amazon and also ebay wich for some reason are deemed by google and other search engines as the best result for everything possible..... which is a bit silly if they arent going to show something different in the search results why not just go straight to amazon and ebay in the first place..... just proves how clueless and dumb the people running the search engines are). Like I said it is best to get to know wha you need to do and what not to do when doing seo, I found this super seo guide for off page seo and this other seo guide for on page too which may help you out if you are new to internet marketing and a beginner at seo. There really is no doubt at all that seo is getting a lot harder with each new update being released by google.. so making your business survive these quite EVIL updates is getting harder so it is important to do things right helping you stand the ebst chances of surviving... Yes even some whitehat sites that do everything right can be hit too.

As you can see small business have to worry about google and other search engines destroying their business.... more and more people are using the internet yet more and more small business are failing and going under thanks to less and less customers as the one and two big companies push them out... is this right? Is this fair? Should the politicians do something? I think so!