Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The Rich are evil

The upper class elite have ruled for thousands of years and still do, enslaving the majority of people the right to enslave others comes from ownership of assets and wealth.. in the past slavery was something that was obvious a rich person would actually own a poor person making them do what the rich person wants. However today it is not as simply as this! The rich instead of owning you as a person own everything else apart from you which in essence means the rich own everything you need to survive and live and the only way you can live is if you to do what the rich want.

The rich are rich because they come from a rich family and has meant the rich can live a life of luxury effortless and a lazy existence from their assets and wealth that has been past on to them through out generation's. But obviously the rich have to be in control over the economy and business to secure their wealth and thanks to their links with other rich people they are able to do this.

With government links plutocracy is created. The government only represents the elite as they are the elite themselves.

Monday, 29 July 2013

The rich peoples slaves

You work all day and for what to make your boss rich? to work for minimum wage or less if much of it goes towards your mortgage?
Capitalism has meant the majority of people are being worked harder and harder for less and less as the population increases and the gap between the rich and poor continues to spiral out of control and out of reach. The government really couldn't care after all we are in a democracy you moron! People who complain are either not working hard enough and lazy. The government you voted for isn't what it seems it does not represent you and its voters it represent plutocrats who might not even be from your own country... globalization has meant the invasion of foreign powers now can control your country.. not elected... almost subliminal. You dont like the eu because it is so obvious un democratic but what if i told you that big company's run by evil people are donating and influencing your government?

A government would be reluctant to stop its main contributor wouldn't it.. but this isn't just how plutocracy can emerge... many of the member's of parliament in the UK are rich upper classes from London do you honestly think their friends are that of the middle and lower classes of the majority? No.. they only hang out with the upper classes and have grown up and went to school with the people who now own big monopoly company's... Why would someone represent a people that they know nothing about?

These big monopoly's from banks to supermarkets make setting up your own business stupidly impossible... competing over prices is a nono.... trying to promote your website on the internet has became a wild goose chase with search engines now making it impossible to rank above these huge monopoly unless you buy advertisement on search engines which costs a arm and a leg.

So that only means that you have to work for these big company's as the only way to make money.... jobs are scarce apparently so they can keep wages really low...

Banks are evil

Banks and the government want to inflate the housing price bubble in the uk.. they make out that this is a good thing but really it is to enslave you making you have to get a mortgage that way the banks can own you and you can no longer be independent.
You are a slave to the banks.. its is impossible for you to pay off your mortgage.. you work just to pay it off.. which will take years!

The rich are making you their slaves.. are you really going to let them? Or has the capitalist lie fooled you into beleieving everything is fine because we have a free market because of capitalism...?

The information age where brain washing is everywhere but who controls the media?

We are now in a informational age who ever controls the media and distribution of information controls society.. now lets just think what is the biggest distributor of information in the world? The internet. So who ever controls what is seen on the internet actually controls society.. the way in which shopped buy stuff and even ideology because we give people to much respect on what they think when really what they think is mainly down to influence from what they have seen and read.. So if a company or SEARCH ENGINE controls what is seen and read on the internet then this is extremely bad and destroys democracy all together is far worse than communism... it is captlism.

Just remember this when you search for something on the internet.. am i being showed this because this is what they want me to think...

Plutocracy overseas

Trans national plutocrats. Recently after visiting the UK I heard on the news when i was their.. the bbc news with no adverts which was quite cool and how tv should be) that some trans national cooperation where avoiding paying cooperation tax on the basis that they did seal the deals in the uk. I think that this is remarkably bad.. and just shows how these big company's control the government as they can find loop holes with their vast money to do what they like and still be on the right side of the law.. the government is powerless... even though what these transnational company's have been doing is obviously wrong the politicians just cannot do anything about.. What do you think is this plutocracy?

In my opinion this is plutocracy not by those who are in our countries but from foreign company's now which is even worse!

If i was in the UK's GOVERNMENT I WOULD SIMPLY BAN THESE cooperation's from doing business in the UK WHO CARES HOW BIG THEY ARE!

Politcians guide to growing taller

Being tall if you are a politician is essential if people (the public) are too take you seriously... but what if you aren't tall can are you doomed as a politician.. well not if i can help it. This guide will tell you how to erm.. grow taller.

So what can you do to be taller hey?

Stand on a box...

When doing speeches or speaking to the press make sure that you are standing on a box. But dont have the box in full view make sure it is hidden behind the stand... Standing on a box really does work.. honestly.... depending on the size of the box will help determine how tall you are who would of guessed it. But the bad thing about standing on a box is that you have to awkwardly stand there when the speech or whatever is over... until everyone has left so you can jump off the box...

Health and safety

  1. Standing on boxes can be dangerous so make sure that you wear a hard hat.
  2. Use ladders to get on the box.
  3. A Safety harness isn't required but can be used.

Have umpalumpas for bodyguards. Its no good trying to be tall if you are surrounded by tall bodyguards all the time. You should try to stand next to small people as often as you can.. so you look taller obviously this is also important in photos... especially when you are with other politicians like in  the g8 summits where you all have to look like friends and have a family photograph together.... dont stand next to the tall politicians instead stand next to the Agela merkels instead.

Height increasing shoe lifts 

(In simple terms shoe lifts are actually just insoles really that make you taller by lifting your heel)

Don't wear high heels... or elevator shoes they are too obvious as with the huge heels... your a politician not a disco dancer.... shoe lifts are far better and people cant see them. So the press wont be any the wiser.. just make sure you keep wearing them and swap them into the shoes you want to wear otherwise you will be fluctuating in  height and people will be wondering whats wrong with you.

Shoe lifts are comfortable and discreet.. if the Hollywood stars wear them why cant you?

A bit of a oddity product so because I know being a politician means you are lazy I will give you a link to wear to buy some of these shoe lifts for you.

Shoe lift insoles £11.99

Make sure that you have loads of sculptures made of you everywhere where you are made to look really tall in them... preferably 10-20ft tall in the center of your capitol city. Over 20ft you might start getting people whinging  about the price.

Stretching exercises to get taller.. stretching exercises are done by many people and include yoga... what you could do is go to yoga classes at old peoples homes and pretend you are there on a visit but when in actual fact your just their to increase your height.

Well there you have it a guide to growing taller for politicians be sure to spread the word of this guide by sharing it on the internet... oh wait maybe not otherwise everyone will be tall then what will we do?

This was a article by  pennpoliticalreview dont be a idiot by copying and pasting this article on your own website and posting it as your own otherwise your well an idiot... you can share and quote this article as much as you want though!

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Welcome to the new pennpolicticalreview blog

I have founded this blog for you guys to listen to to my rants and ravings about modern and old politics. You may disagree with me all you want or agree with me its totally up to you but please remember to comment in the comments otherwise nobody will know. This blogg will eventually become jam packed full of politics news and reviews be sure to check back later after i have written some stuff for the empty blog of mine.