Thursday, 29 August 2013

The cold war idealogy is coming to a end

In the year 1992 George w bush declared that the cold war was finally over.  As the two super powers disarmed the world could finally relax.
The ending of the cold war was quite abrupt caused by the demise of the USSR in 1991! The cold war had huge implications through out the world where countries sided with either Russia or America effecting economics and paranoia worldwide. But here in America the effects of the cold war where not just economical the war had significant cultural consequences... the cold wars spanned for quite some time and as the cold war lived so did the growing cultural and political divisions in America.
The cold war shaped a new America which still stand today which isn't all a good thing the paranoia and beliefs of those who lived in the cold war have created political paralysis for the American government to manage and govern.

The paranoia is evident and spoken in modern day politics, when president Obama was elected for a second term as president a  Representative Paul Broun of Georgia said that Obama represents more of the soviet unions values and beliefs and not Americas, in other words Paul Broun is saying that Obama is a communist because some of his policies do not fit into the shaped America the cold war created.. with politicians left right and center accusing others of being communists if they do not fit in with their own beliefs. This all creates that political paralysis that i was talking about above... making it hard for America to develop from the cold war era.

Politicians can use the cold war as a way of swaying votes their way by accusing their rivals of being communists.. using discourse similar to "If you where a real American you wouldn't let that communist into power would you?".

America has a huge defense budget out of the paranoia! Health care isn't needed weaponry is! Even in the recession that we are now in military spending has not been reduced... despite the arms race of the cold war being over the paranoia still remains strong.
The American people who grew up in the cold war who make up the large portion of voters ask for a leader who is powerful and cares about America and will protect them against the evil communists who will invade and destroy America eventually.

Despite the cold war ideologies still being present in modern America slowly as those who did not grow up in cold war times are able to vote a new fresh load of voters will eventually takeover slowly but surely... People who did not grow up in the paranoid times of the cold war... who do not prioritize military power over health care and education... What the cold war politicians would call communists.


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