Monday, 19 August 2013

Economics is the study of human behavoir

Economics is only the study of human behavior but we all know how unpredictable that is at the best of times that is why i have came to very obvious conclusion that economics really is a fools game of gambling and exploitation rather than science and math. Investors are gambling with peoples money on the stock market on things that they just dont know a thing about in the future. We just dont know where the world will be in the future yet speculative investments go on. The bankers dont really worry about consequences in the future only whether they are getting profit today.. meaning they will squeeze as much as they can to ensure maximum profit today! Because they ar gambling with fake assests means that they have no real risk and because they are investing and quickly trading the stocks so quickly it really is impossible to track what exactly is going on in the stock market for that matter. We just dont know what the economy will be like in the future but the bankers think they do... when they dont really.


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